Horse Hugs

Horse Hugs is a non-profit, all volunteer group located in North Carolina and Florida that uses miniature horses to visit patients in hospitals, nursing homes, hospices, assisted care centers, special needs children, at-risk teens, prisons and juvenile detention centers.

Whoever said that money cannot buy happiness didn't           know where to buy a miniature horse !!!!
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An animal visit can break up the monotony of daily routines in the hospital or nursing home. Miniature horses, with their wonderful personalities and small size, are perfect as therapy animals. Visits with these adorable little horses can help a patient feel less lonely and less depressed. The horses offer entertainment and encourage families to visit more frequently, often bringing in the grandchildren to see the horses.

Miniature horses are the perfect size to put their little noses over the bedrail of bedridden patients or into the lap of a patient in a wheelchair. 
Medical studies indicate that stroking an animal can reduce a person's blood pressure. Health care workers have reported that patients become more active and responsive both during and after their visits with these little ambassadors.
Horse Hugs
a 501(c)(3) charity 
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Visitors since October 2001--
Horse Hugs is dedicated to the rescue, rehabilitation and care of miniature horses. It is sad to think about anyone abusing or not giving proper care and lots of love to one of these sweet creatures, but it does happen.Our dream would be to be able to provide a safe haven for all abused, neglected, abandoned or unwanted minis. After allowing them to recover from any abuse or mistreatment, our goal would be to train as many of them as possible to be therapy animals.We hope that we will be able to continue our work with special needs children and at-risk teens with these rescued minis. Teaching children at a young age to respect and treat animals with kindness is an important part of Horse Hug's work in the community.
Over the years Horse Hugs has been involved in many rescues and has helped find good homes for neglected or abused little horses.These two minis were rescued recently from a home in NC where they were not being fed or cared for. They are now happy in a forever home and have had their shots, feet trimmed and are getting the proper nutrition.​ If you suspect that a mini horse is being abused or neglected please call us at 919-448-7461
Horse Hugs

Miniature Horse Rescue
Horse Hugs is a multi-award winning non-profit