Minis from around the country
Horse Hugs

Kickapoo Miniatures.
from Montana
LeMar Miniatures
from Pennsylvania
Rainbow's End Farm
from Louisiana
Wisteria Mini Horse Farm
from Wisconsin
K&G's Miniature Horse Ranch
from Texas.
Texan Star Ranch
from Oklahoma
ROKO Minature Horses
from Iowa.
Loess Hills Miniatures
Dare To Dream Miniatures

from New York
from Indiana
Laughners Little Bits
from North Carolina
Blue Blazes Farm
from Oregon
SH Miniature Horses
from Arizona
Lost Spoke Miniature 
      Horse Ranch
from New Mexico

Sagebrush Miniatures
 from North Carolina
Bepetton Miniature Horses
 from Wisconsin
Qtr Rae Mystic Minis
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Parting shots......
Texan Star Ranch
Kickapoo Acres
Sunset Ridge Minis
From Wisconsin
little Precious from Rainbow's End Farm
from New York
Diminutive Miniatures