Make A Donation

We are an all volunteer organization and never charge for our visits. All funds raised through donation go directly to miniature horse rescue or visitation.

Want to know where your donated money will go?

Here are some examples-
~ horse board (our founder has MS and cannot
          provide direct care of the horses everyday)
~hay, grain, supplements, carrots
~Veterinary care; twice-yearly health check ups,
          vaccinations, and dental care
~farrier every 6 weeks (hooves trimmed)
~supplies- shampoo and grooming supplies, fly    
          spray, fly sheets, clippers and blades,
          blankets, halters, lead ropes
~ Rescues- emergency veterinary care, farrier,
           hired transport for horses out of state,
           medical treatment and nutritional support. 
~Visitation- photo paper, ink cartridges, 
           (we always gift patients or seniors
           with photos of them with the horses)
           fabric for colorful horse blankets which
           are hand made.    

Horse Hugs, as a 501c(3) non profit, depends solely on charitable contributions to continue our rescue and visitation programs
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